Bill Gates über die Rettung der Welt

When Bill Gates thinks, he thinks big – and then acts. Ever since he left Microsoft in 2008, his focus has been on philanthropy (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) – and finding #solutions to the biggest threats to humanity. These include the #climate crisis, the #energy crisis, and the #health crisis.
In this week’s #HandelsblattDisrupt with editor-in-chief Sebastian Matthes, he discusses why he’s still optimistic that mankind will be better off 20 years from now than today, why he believes technology holds many of the solutions, and what “Breakthrough Energy” is all about, the organization he founded to put the ideas in his book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” into action. 
Listen in on some of his ideas – and be aware that heads of governments and international organizations, as well as global business leaders and decision-makers listen as well when he speaks.:-)