Hannah Asmussen, CEO Localyze
Krisen schaffen die besten Geschäftsmodelle!

Every second #company in #Germany is short of #skilledworkers. Almost 2 million vacancies cannot currently be filled. According to a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) study, this is already costing Germany more than €86 billion a year.
In conversation with Sebastian Matthes of Handelsblatt, Hanna Marie Asmussen, co-founder and CEO of Localyze, says no company in Germany can afford not to look for #talent internationally – and bring skilled workers to Germany. The Hamburg-based startup offers a software solution that aims to relieve HR departments of all the unpleasant red tape that usually makes crossing borders for work purposes so complicated. 
Listen in on how Hanna Asmussen and her comrades-in-arms came up with the idea, why not only politicians in Berlin but also many companies in Germany need to do more to make Germany an attractive country for immigrants – and why society as a whole urgently needs to work on its welcoming culture. This week on #HandelsblattDisrupt.