Rudolf-Diesel-Medaille for Handelsblatt Disrupt!

We won! Handelsblatt Disrupt, with Handelsblatt editor-in-chief Sebastian Matthes, has received the exclusive and prestigious Rudolf-Diesel-Medal for media communications most devoted to covering innovation and innovators, from founders and investors to captains of industry to key political decision makers.

The medal, which is Germany’s oldest innovation award, honors personalities and firms that have impacted society via outstanding sustainable innovation while maintaining a passionate commitment to entrepreneurship, the communities they are based in and their employees.

Great Leadership Sebastian Matthes, great Team Migo Fecke and at Handelsblatt Hannah Krolle, Ina Karabasz, Alexander Voß, Paul Draeger, Florian Högerle!

And thank you to the jury at the Rudolf-Diesel-Medal!

We’re honored.