Sascha Lobo: Die KI Transformation ist alternativlos.

„I don’t want to see a 25% unemployment rate,” says @Sascha Lobo, a German internet pioneer, #AI expert, @SPIEGEL columnist, speaker, podcaster and author on #Handelsblatt Disrupt in conversation with AI-Team Lead at Handelsblatt, @Larissa Holzki. “And neither does anyone else,” he adds. “That’s why the economy is in fact obliged to participate in the great AI transformation.”

All business models, processes and decision-making levels will be touched by AI, he says. And he calls on Germany to break with the old and cherished pattern of incremental innovation – improving products and processes to the nth degree – and to finally embrace truly disruptive innovation. “That means destroying and rebuilding everything to be able to conquer new markets,” he says. “And that requires courage.”

He also talks about the hate mails he receives, and about fake news flooding the net, especially since discussing the amount of disinformation surrounding the Israel-Gaza conflict in one of his #podcasts called “#FeeltheNews”.

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