Zukunft Familienunternehmen: Haufe Group CEO Hackenjos über nötigen Wandel

„Change is something Positive!“ Haufe Group CEO Birte Hackenjos on Resilience in times of Crisis.

How do you survive difficult times and how do you make resilience part of the DNA in your own company? That’s what Prof. Nadine Kammerlander discusses in this second episode of „Zukunft Familienunternehmen“ with Birte Hackenjos, who was appointed CEO of Haufe Group a year ago but has been with the company for 20 years.

Looking back, Hackenjos says Haufe has optimistically accepted every challenge, no matter how steep, and repeatedly adapted its business model to make sure the firm stays ahead of the game.

„Resilience is a company’s ability to withstand challenging situations and crises,“ explains Wolfgang Glauner of EY. „The pandemic has served as a fire accelerant in companies that were already poorly positioned before the crisis. For resilient companies, on the other hand, a crisis can be a springboard to transformation.“

Birte Hackenjos, CEO Haufe Group
Wolfgang Glauner, EY Head of Market Activities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland