How Berlin ignores the AI Revolution

Whether it’s prominent German sciences anchor and journalist Ranga Yogeshwar talking with editor-in-chief Sebastian Matthes, Prof G Scott GallowayIan Bremmer of GZERO Media, Satya Nadella, #CEO of Microsoft or Google CEO Sundar Pichai – barely a day goes by without key players in the #tech universe talking about how #ai will affect global societies and the economy – and what kind of #political and #regulatory #frameworks will be needed – quickly – to give people a lever to make sure #ai stays a tool and does not become another uncontrollable spreader of lies, fake news, and disinformation.
Listen in on this week’s #HandelsblattDisrupt #podcast and the perspective of Ranga Yogeshwar on what it means to have created a #technology that, on the one hand, is moving at breakneck speed, and on the other has the ability to amplify itself, meaning that the #ai of the future will be designed via the #ai of today while being able to merge all tools that have existed before into one collective force.

How Berlin ignores the AI Revolution:

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Photo Credit: Alexander Voß