HVB CEO Marion Höllinger:  The New Podcast is Online!

First podcast with newly appointed HypoVereinsbank – UniCredit – Deutschland CEO Marion Höllinger on #digitaltrends, specifically #embeddedbanking.  This in coop with SAP which serves most of Germany’s corporates.  Hoellinger describes this as a perfect opportunity to attract additional corporates who already use SAP and see the benefits of using a bank that is part of the everyday software they’re already using, making banking tasks quick and easy, including crisis management in case of, e.g., cyber-attacks. 

Now every month with deep insights into where banking is headed and how HVB will lead in future challenges!

In this edition: CEO Marion Höllinger in comversation with Microsoft’s IT Director Germany Anna KoppSandro Süchting, HVB e-banking Experte, popular co-host Andrea Rexer and UniCredit’s CDOO Artur Gruca.

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