Man or Mouse? HB Disrupt with etventure’s Philipp Depiereux

Yet another edition of “Handelsblatt Disrupt” discusses why Germany’s commitment to perfection and following proven patterns is a major stumbling block in developing digital disruptors.

What does it take to make things happen? To actually implement change? #change? To recognize that now is the time to opt for either moving with the times or be gone as time goes by? It takes #courage. That’s why digital consultancy etventure co-founder Philipp Depiereux just published a book calling on German firms to become world courage leaders #Weltmutführerr): one topic in this week’s #HandelsblattDisrupt with Sebastian Matthes. The other describes global market research company Forrester’s trend reports on why committing to #transformation is a most urgent task German firms need to tackle, as research director Pascal Matzke points out.