Podcasts: Listening in the Time of Corona

Regina A. Koerner

Chief Executive Officer at professional-podcasts.com…….. Then: Head of Global MarComms Roland Berger / Kearney / Bertelsmann Stiftung

You may not be allowed to Meet or Touch – but you can Voice your Vision

After Covid-19, the world will not be the same. We are witnessing the business model pursued by our firms, our societies and ourselves coming to a grinding halt. We will have to go back to square one and start thinking and acting in entirely new concepts.

We are facing a paradigm change of hitherto unseen speed and proportions. These days, the podcasts we have helped create or are contributing to are discussing these issues.

While economic and thus personal crisis is looming around the globe, this is also a chance for the courageous, the visionaries, the explorers, the creators, the creative, the optimistic, the doers, the motivators and the leaders into a new era. This is a chance to start from scratch, to explore new waters, to inspire and to give hope.

At a time of social distancing and, in many places, total lockdown, maybe this is a good time for you, too, to reach out to your clients, your staff, your ecosystems and everyone else you care for via a podcast.

We are ready when you are. We are remote but always there. We can give your thoughts a voice.

Regina Koerner & Migo Fecke at professional-podcasts.com