Ernst-Schneider Preis 2021 für „Handelsblatt Crime – Der Fall Wirecard“

We won! Our 12-part #podcast series „Handelsblatt Crime – Der Fall Wirecard“ has received the prestigious Ernst-Schneider-Award, which honors journalists for excellence in reporting on economics. 

In our case, this is our team hosts Ina Karabasz and Felix Holtermann of Handelsblatt, and producer extraordinaire Migo Fecke – and, of course, Handelsblatt editor-in-chief Sebastian Matthes, who has made this exciting venture into a new genre for Germany’s leading economics newspaper possible.

But what does that mean in the long run? In the course of our research, we talked to some 50 experts who provided deep insights into what German laws provides for when it comes to #fraud on that scale, and where the system of checks and balances failed – ranging from political to legal and trade oversight to exploiting networks and pulling strings that made it possible for Wirecard to fool everyone for years. 

In our podcast, we explained how things worked – or didn’t work – in an entertaining, informative and partially provocative way with the objective to inform and entertain at the same time: We believe this worked beautifully, and as one member of the award jury said: “This series is the perfect preparation for members of the Bundestag for an investigative committee.“  

And this is the power of #podcasts: Reaching new #targetaudiences, providing entertaining information on hitherto boring or complex stories, and #positioning one’s company or publishing house much more visibly in the public view – even in the long run: The podcast is still available – and relevant! – on and on Podimo, thanks to Dr. Nicolaus Berlin

Thanks again to all who participated, and to out sources and interview partners such as Frank Thelen, Sandra Navidi, Fraser Perring, Dan McCrum, Sebastian Fiedler,, Gerhard Schick, Michael Inacker,  Klaus Doppler, Klaus Nieding, Mark T. Hofmann – Crime- & Intelligence Analyst („Profiler“), Daniela Bergdolt Rechtsanwaltskanzlei, Soenke Iwersen, , Mathias Brüggmann, Mathias Peer, @Bert Froendhoff, @Jan Hildebrand, Klaus-Peter Naumann, Prof. Dr. Kai Bussmann, Lisa Paus and many more.